Meet Owl and Squirrel

Hello there, still getting the hang of the new blog!  I’m aiming to post once a week on here now, but please bear with me (still) as I set up the different features and work out how to use other bits.  If anyone can help, I’m trying to set a static Welcome page, and am following instructions, but doesn’t seem to work.

Anyway, I thought I’d share these sketches I did of Mr Owl and Squirrel for Beetroot Press’ new line – Prints!  These are just the starting sketches here, I scanned them into my Mac and made a few alterations.  Have a look on our Beetroot Press facebook page’s photos to see the final prints.  I’ll be able to make them personalised too, so if you want one with your kiddies name on that will soon be possible.  Plus, I’ll be adding another friend or two to the group.  Very exciting!

owl sketch squirrel sketch


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