Happy Easter everyone!

black lamb sarah papworth

My new friend

Spring has to be my favourite time of year, with all the new colour and life, it really inspires me to create new things and shrug off the winter blues.  We had a little trip to our friend’s farm today visiting the new born lambs to get into the Easter spirit.  Almost all of the lambs have been born, just 3 more to go.  I fell in love with this little black lamb who seemed to like having a cuddle.

black lamb with sarah papworth

He didn’t have a name, but lets call him Bob

lambs sarah papworth

Bob and I bonding

new lamb

These are the orphaned lambs below, we met Lucky, Little Skinny and Badger, all very friendly and happy to see us.  The mother ewe sometimes has triplets, but as she only has two teats, they can only feed two of their offspring, so the third is taken to be hand fed.  Lucky, so named because she had to be resuscitated by our friend Rob after being accidentally squished by her mummy ewe.

spring orphaned lambs

Having a kiss

Juls and little skinny

This is Juls with Little Skinny, the tiniest lamb I have ever seen!

farm visit sarah papworth

The orphaned lambs feeding. Little Skinny is second from the right.

badger and sarah papworth

Nice to meet you Badger! (not a real badger)

lucky the lamb

Lucky the lamb

Rob the farmer also rears Aberdeen Angus cows.   They are absolutely humungous!  So no cuddles, or even stroking as I have to admit they scare me a little due to their massive size, but I have been assured they are soft as anything.  They are calving at the moment, but their new born were hiding away at the back of the barn.  This picture below is one of the lady cows, the bulls are even bigger!  Eek.

aberdeen angus

So a happy Easter to you all and hope you have a wonderful long weekend.  Here’s hoping the weather gets warmer from here on in (the lambs hope so too).

ducklings to buy

Ducklings from down the road in Honeybourne at the Domestic fowl trust.


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