Children’s traditional handmade gifts

I am very excited to announce that Beetroot Press is now on the u-ni-k gifts online shop!  U-ni-k sell handmade “gifts to be treasured by this generation and the next”.  They have a wonderful array of handmade and bespoke products, made with exquisite craftsmanship, which are perfect for children.  Their ethos is selling items that you will treasure forever and want to pass down to the next, and the next…and the next generation of little people.

U-ni-k was started, and is run by Anna and Sarah, two friends that met at their local NCT group in Surrey.  They wanted to provide a place for parents to buy traditional heirloom gifts that are handmade.  Where possible they use small UK based makers who mostly use materials from sustainable sources.  Take a look at their about page to find out a bit more.  Both Anna and Sarah are fun loving individuals who really care about handmade and local products.

Beetroot Press banner5

U-ni-k sell, amongst other things, products such as wooden toys, memory boxes, baby blankets, first spoons, bangles, knitted animals, vintage dresses and books, breakfast sets and rainbow makers!  So well worth a visit.

You’ll find Beetroot Press wall-art and cushions featuring on the u-ni-k front page at the moment, just click on the images or have a look through their Nursery, Homeware and gifts section to find us.


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