Inspiring garden spaces

As today is a boiling hot day in the West Midlands I thought many of you will be enjoying your outside spaces, even if it is a tiny patio like mine!  Gardening is a hobby for me and I love to share inspiring ideas.  Have a look below at some of these amazing roof terraces with great layout ideas.

Garden inspirationI see gardens as an extension of your house, another room.  Somewhere you can make your own, style to your own taste and enjoy.  I have to admit, ours is by no means as swish as these, I would say a…. more home grown style!

Planting inspiration

Planting in different textured/surfaced pots can really bring more interest to your garden, are you able to hang pots on the walls?  It’s a great way to add more planting into a small space!

Are any of you lucky enough to be out in the garden today?  How do you like to decorate your outside spaces?


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