Gifts for teachers

Gifts for teachers_FolksyHappy day today when I went onto Folksy and saw the Beetroot Press ‘Apple for the Teacher’ tea-towel on their front page!  It got me thinking about what other things teachers would love to get at the end of the school year….I have a lot of friends that are teachers, most of them are stationary freaks, and very organised indeed.

Organic cotton pencil case organic cotton pencil case_the little deer

These pencil cases are so cute, I would def get one for myself (even though for kids)!  I found them online, in a Belgium shop called The little Zebra who sell items for trendy kids.  They have some really cute stuff on there.

February Design stamp on etsy

I found this super cool stamp for teachers!  The Etsy shop, called February Designs has created a few fabulous stamps for teachers, plus more, and is based in Texas, USA.

ink and thread recycled notebooks

These recycled notebooks are beautiful and the perfect present for that stationary loving teacher.  They are designed and made in Britain available from Ink and Thread who sell products only made within the UK.

glasses cases sarah waterhouse

These hand-printed glasses cases, in a range of colours are sold on Etsy by Sarah Waterhouse within the UK.  Made from a cotton and hemp mix and lined with a matching gingham, they’re a perfect fun sustainable gift.  Could be used in school for reading glasses or on their summer hols for a cute sunglasses case!

tomato plant beetroot press

What about giving them something to look after in the holidays?  A tomato plant is a good idea as you can grow them in pots if they dont have much space, they just need watering and maybe a cane to support, then you have all these lovely tomatoes to eat throughout the summer.  Try Sutton’s seeds for a vegetable plant, or for a seed packet that you and your little ones can grow together as a gift for your teacher that loves to potter in the garden (and keep some yourselves).

gifts for teachers Beetroot Press wall art

Here’s ‘An Apple a day’ wall art print, soon to be in the Beetroot Press Etsy shop (sneek peek)!  They are ready to print, onto white archival paper, so if you wanted one as a gift for that special teacher, just send me a message and I’ll happily sort one out for you.

And not to forget Owl, he comes in a choice of colours from the Beetroot Press Etsy and Folksy shops.

If you have any other ideas about what would make good teachers gifts, (or if you are a teacher and have a preference), add your comments below.


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