The Game Fair

I spent the weekend before last at The Game Fair, it was a bit chilly in the morning, but warmed up nicely at lunchtime.  There was quite a bit to see, and lots of shopping, I’ve included some of the best bits below….

Sarah Papworth at Ragley Hall Beetroot press blog

This is me in front of Ragley Hall

express eventing Beetroot Press blog

The Express eventing was great to watch, after seeing  the ‘dancing horses’ on the olympics, I wanted to see it in the flesh.

express eventing horses Beetroot Press blog

There were different levels of riders, all made it fun with their choice of music.

English pointer beetroot press blog

There were hound dogs on show too, with some rare breeds like the Otter hound.

English pointer Beetroot Press

English Pointer.

Otter hound

These Otterhounds are an old British dog breed, an endangered scent hound, who were developed to hunt otters.  There are only about 1000 left.

Plum and Ashby Beetroot Press blog

If you love dogs, then this brand may be right up your street.  Plum & Ashby make gorgeous homeware, printed in the UK, wooden toys and candles and scented items for the home.

Dog cushion Beetroot Press blog

Love these dog shaped cushions.

Plum and Ashby Beetroot Press

Some of the other lovely home items on offer at Plum & Ashby.  Have a look at their website here.  There’s lots to see!

Hunter horse Beetroot Press blog

This is Cavelier, a hunter horse.  He’s having some new shoes fitted by the farrier.

Barn owl Beetroot Press blog

I love Barn owls and this little fella was a friendly chap.

Falconry Beetroot Press blog


Falconry Beetroot Press

These birds of prey are absolutely beautiful animals, a bit scary too!  You can go on Winter Hawking days, or Summer Falconry days out in Warwickshire where you go in small groups flying the birds in lovely countryside near Stoneleigh.  The company is called Falconry Days and the trip includes lunch and afternoon tea, I think it’s a wonderful gift idea.  Click here for the website to find out more.

It was a good day out, we got free tickets to the event, so even better!  The best bits for me were definitely seeing the animals and looking at the foodie bits and homeware stalls.  There were quite a lot of stalls selling the same sort of thing clothing wise, but we just bypassed them (although I did purchase a new panama hat for myself)!


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