Vegetable growing for small gardens

I’m so happy as I’ve just got myself an allotment space to grow fruit and veggies.  I’ll add some photos once we get started on it.  I have always grown a few veggies in pots on the patio, but really wanted to spread out, so the new allotment should be brilliant!


Above is an old sink my friend bought for my 30th birthday.  I’m loving the poppy’s in there, but may become a mini herb garden next.


There’s quite a lot you can grow in pot’s i’ve found, our last three homes we needed to keep everything in pots, but I really wanted to grow vegetables, so I tried and it worked very well.  Above are Purple sprouting beans, they grow a dark purple then when coked turn green.  I’ve grown three plants in one pot, but you’d want more pots and plants for a half decent crop!


I had some pretty old chilli seeds which hadn’t come up before, so i thought I’d give it one last go and got 2 plants coming up, so I’m hoping to see some chillies forming soon… I have a feeling the little one is a weed….we’ll see.


I also planted cherry tomatoes, Gardeners delight, which I have grown before, and Galina, which are new to me.  The plants are pretty big right now, I planted 2 in each pot, but think maybe they needed their own pots, I was just short on space.  No harm yet but if they keep growing at this rate they may be a bit squished!


This is tiddler, he didnt really come up, but he’s trying to spread out


I love having fresh herbs ready to pick for cooking, so again, I had some old seeds that hadn’t come up previously, sowed them all to see what would and wouldnt work this year.  This is Parsely champion moss, and there’s a bit of dill poking in the shot there too.  There’s some basil too which I need to put in a bigger pot.

Are any of you growing vegetables?  Would love to hear about it, especially if you have any hints or are quite new to it like myself.


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