Hello again, I haven’t been yet but I have some lovely photos from Designer/Makers:  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

1240222_10151687690050326_2032331863_n 27905_10151687693860326_1001677500_n 1240166_10151687697335326_316886572_n 1238161_10151689083600326_1150421239_n 1236343_10151689083725326_1191448546_n 1234298_10151689084010326_1653852747_n 1234281_10151689083920326_2109470734_n 1234121_10151689082665326_1133508649_n 1231492_10151689085135326_1282988244_n 1209327_10151689083330326_995132981_n 1186220_10151689083105326_353614764_n 1185404_10151689082975326_225979047_n 1185191_10151689083400326_633570194_n 1175725_10151687686770326_610168937_n 1175029_10151687670265326_1783730279_n 999204_10151687680895326_459446439_n 565027_10151689085225326_534624999_n 557447_10151689084515326_1200663925_n

Some serious shopping in store!


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