Good Homes November 2013 Issue


As I mentioned earlier in the blog Good Homes Magazine were kind enough to have me over to stay for their November issue.  I have scanned in the pages for those who cant get out to buy it, I’m hoping you are able to read the text on here.

About the shoot:  The day before the photoshoot I had been running around getting the barn ready for the Photographer; Bridget, and Maxine the Stylist, whilst suffering from a horrible bug!  Luckily I had some lovely flowers left over from a gift which are the ones used in the photographs, Maxine and Bridget were extremely self-sufficient and I didn’t really have to do anything on the day apart from a bit of tea making!

Maxine would set up the first shot, then while Bridget photographed it Maxine would be on with the next set up making sure they moved quickly to enable them to complete the shoot in a day, and to make the most of the natural light.

I was aware of what to expect as I have been on many homeware photo-shoots before when I worked in London for BHS, and have organised quite a few and even art-directed occasionally.  It was completely different though as it’s all your own possessions and so harder to see how it will turn out afterwards…plus I’m not usually in the shots!

It was an enjoyable day, something different from the norm and I’m so please with how it turned out.  I hope you enjoy the read about our home! x

good homes page1

Page 1

good homes page2

Page 2

good homes page3

Page 3

good homes page4

Page 4

good homes page5

Page 5

good homes page6

Page 6

good homes page7

Page 7

good homes page8

Page 8

The wonderful websites of Maxine and Bridget are below for you to have a further peak.  Lots of inspirational images to see!

Stylist: Maxine Brady

Photographer: Bridget Peirson


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