Brown paper packages tied up with string.

christmas interiors Beetroot Press

Decorate your home in fabulous style this Christmas.  Festive decorating doesn’t need to be expensive, think about what you have in your home already and how you can make use of it, and is there a need for a massive tree?  A small tree is very cute stacked on a chair or table, or using tree branches can be just as pretty.  Lacking space?  Buy a Christmas tree poster to hang, or make a tree shape out of old wooden palettes for an effective and creative tree.

Sometimes adding candles to tea-cups and trays, layering on blankets, and incorporating red highlights can make a room feel cosy, warm and inviting; giving it a more Christmassy feel.  Or go one better and get making the decorations for your home, giving a homespun look, simple and stylish.

I don’t know about you but I’m already thinking about my packaging (yes before I have bought or made any gifts)!  So here’s some shared inspiration on fun ways to create amazing parcels to give to your loved ones.

christmas wrap Beetroot Press

IDEAS:  1. Use brown paper as a base to print your own designs on with a bought stamp, or create your own from lino, or even a simple potato print!  Add glitter/sequins with glue for a more glitzy simple look.  2. How about using newspaper to wrap with for a black and white look, old book pages, or magazine tears can look good too and gives a bit of colour.  3. Do you have lots of small bits of wrap left from previous years?  Why not use them this year to make patchwork wrap or decorate the top of your parcel – glue to card and cut out festive shapes, hole punch to attach with twine – et voila!  4. Use layering of tags and cut out shapes along with paper strips, ribbon and string to wrap around the parcel all together.  5. Use inexpensive wooden clothes pegs to hold all the bits together and add a design feature.  6. Add; pom poms, felt shapes, string, bakers twine, lace ribbon, doilies, real foliage, washi tape (patterned Sellotape) for interesting ways to decorate your gifts. 7. Any good at drawing?  Sketch straight onto the paper, I love the chalk board look in the above images.  8.  Can the tag or decoration be a gift in itself?  Add a vintage bauble or heart tag made from wood, mouldable clay or slate with the persons name printed onto,  or create tags that are little pieces of art in themselves; something to keep and hang all year round. 9. Glitter – basically add glitter to anything and everything – PURE joy!

crafters handmade gifts wrapped Beetroot Press

Beetroot Press wrapping:  When you buy from BP for 2 or more people I will happily wrap them separately, saving you the trouble.  Sending gifts to loved ones you won’t see over Christmas?  For a little more penny wise I can add a hand-printed tag and why not buy a Christmas card too and I’ll write your chosen message, saving on postage costs by sending direct to friends and family.

Card with Joy text Beetroot Press artist christmas card Beetroot Press


More fab Christmas ideas to follow on the blog, or if you can’t wait, there are lots of inspirational goodies on the Beetroot Press Pinterest Christmas decorating board.


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