Festive cheer

Wow, Christmas is coming up quickly!  The days are flying by, don’t you think?  We now have a tree in our home, waiting to be decorated and I finally have a little bit of time to think about how I’ll decorate the house and what food to make.  We have always been at our parents houses for Christmas so I’m excited that this year it will be in our own home.

christmas entertaining Beetroot Press

Christmas food and setting the table

When decorating the table, I’ll be looking to keep it simple, with natural fabrics and highlights of colour and sparkle!  I haven’t bought anything new, but I hope to make some napkins and create a look with what I already have.

I feel it’s important to have the table set and looking warm and inviting for the Christmas meal.  I love the fox plate, gold lettered mugs and tea towel from Anthropologie, (shown above) and the idea of including turquoise in my Christmas palette.  Garlands could be strung along the backs of chairs and including small fun details on napkins or place card holders for interest.  But obviously the food is the main event!

I also like to use Christmas as a time to create new home displays, I have my favourite objects grouped together, and they do change from time to time when I buy something new, or I’m inspired by something I see in a magazine or shop.  Grouping items together brings me so much joy, mixing surface textures with colours, creating little pockets of happiness around my home.

christmas decorating styles Beetroot Press

Grouping much loved items for Christmas displays

Styling the home ready for Christmas using simple ideas to create a festive look can be very effective.  Twigs and collected bits of nature can be used to make a small grouped or hanging display.   Adding a few more candles, mirrors strategically place to reflect the tree lights or tea lights, using patterned fabrics as a table cloth, or napkins.

christmas decoration ideas Beetroot Press

Get making

Think about what you may have in your home that you can use, above are some ideas I will be putting into practise this week, tins cans and ribbons as tea light holders, make paper ornaments from old books (or even better, newspaper),  cover things in glitter – feathers, twigs, jam jars for tea light holders.  create paper chains from any spare paper you have, I have made mine from spare craft papers I get in Craftseller magazine every month, all the patterns look great together.

After all these fairs and Christmassy making for Beetroot Press my main priority is just to get our home looking tidy and welcoming.  I may go out gathering some bits and bobs in the woods tomorrow as I have a need to cover things in glitter!

If you like the above pages, there’s more inspiration on the Beetroot Press pinterest page, follow the link here: Beetroot Press boards


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