Happy new year 2014

Hello and a slightly belated Happy new year to you all!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to 2014?

Enchanted Christmas 2013 initial select-3

I’ve been sent a couple of photos from our christmas fairs, and pop up shop in Kew Gardens with Want Need Love.  Above is Juls helping out on the stall at Chipping Campden Festive fair, he even got into the Cotswold Journal!  (But I wasn’t quick enough to get a copy).

want need love Kew christmas market 2013

This is the pop-up shop in Kew Gardens at their Christmas market event which ran for a whole month.  Looks gorgeous doesn’t it!  The girls from ‘Want Need Love’ were running it, and had selected some lovely items from various artists.  Beetroot Press had the animal illustrations, lavender pillows and cards there.

I’m currently trying to find the time to work on mood boards to develop some new designs for the range while freelancing and trying to organise my storage and filing.  There’s already a couple of new animal illustrations to add to the range later in the year.  I’ll do my best to add some sneak peek photos for you all.  But for now, I wish you the best year yet, with lots of happy days and peaceful nights.


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