Down on the farm. May exhibition 2014

Happy bank holiday weekend!  Being such a busy bee, I haven’t had a chance to add a few snaps of the exhibition at Cock Harbour Gallery.  So here are a few below….


Here’s the display all set to ready to go for the long weekend.


It was such a lovely weekend, the weather was very spring-like, and I met so many people.  The gallery itself is such a nice place to be for a few days as it’s set away from everything and feels very peaceful.  If you were wondering….the gallery got it’s name from the Cockerel fights that used to be held there back in the day and was at the time named ‘Cock Harbour’.


I managed to get lots of new items ready for the exhibition.  Here’s one of the new square tea-towels, printed on large vintage cotton napkins I bought at the Malvern vintage fair.  Printed in burgundy water-based inks with the ‘We make Jam’ design and underneath it is the ‘Hello bees and butterflies’ print, also on the large vintage napkins.


Market flowers tote, this went down very well and I have a queue of orders for these, plus I will be making myself one to take on holiday soon!


All the visitors were interested in my processes of screen printing and designing the products, which was great to be able to talk about.


These woven patterned cushions sold out, I have a bit more of the fabric, bought form another vintage fair to make a few more.  I bought it as thought it went perfectly with my new fox print.


The cushions went down well – I do love a good cushion!


‘Sleepy hollow’ fox print sold on the first day, he’s very happy in his new home.  He comes in dark navy plus a burgundy, on the neutral linen base.


Added to the collection, some more animal prints to add to the gang.  There’s Weasel, Fox, Hedgehog and a few smaller prints like the butterfly below.  I’ll have to take some more pics of the others.


Mini print (A5) Butterfly ‘Follow your dreams’ in lavender.


Hedgehog made his debut and is going to a house in Wales this week.


Mini cushion; Clippity clop horse print on natural hessian with a vintage printed reverse.


Here I am, having a bit of a photo session in front of the display.


And when there was a quiet period I went to say hello to the neighbouring cattle.  All in all, a great weekend.  Thanks to Colin Bomford, the gallery owner, for having Beetroot Press to stay at his lovely gallery!

If you like any of the products you see here, they haven’t quite made it into the Etsy or Folksy shops yet, so just send me a message if you’d like one.  But I will post again when they are all in the Beetroot Press shops to let you know.


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