July goings on

Hello lovelies,

This week has been good, I’ve managed to adapt all of the photos taken so far on Photoshop. Unfortunately because I left the next photo session too late, it had started raining (note to self – plan my week around the weather)!  So I will be taking some today and hopefully next week too.  It takes time, but once I get into it, I really enjoy taking them.  I’ve added a few sneak peeks below.

fashionable baby gifts by Beetroot Presshedgehog illustration nursery baby gift by Beetroot Pressorange prints british garden birds modern wall art by Beetroot Press

I have also been doing a lot of reading up on marketing, I will confess, I still have much to learn here and so I have made use of a slightly quieter week by reading in-between doing some freelance work.

Sketch by Beetroot Press

Sketch challenge:  I have set myself a challenge!  From tomorrow onwards (7th July) I will be creating an illustration each day for the next 14 days.  I have no idea how this will work as the designs can usually take a while to complete, even the ones that look quite simple.  I normally like to do a bit of sketching, then take a break and come back with fresh eyes and re-work it, then take another break…and so it goes…..  I’ll be posting my sketches on the Beetroot Press Facebook page every day, so pop over to say hi and tell me which ones you like.  Im sure there will be some I don’t like, but I will promise to post them all, and I’ll add them on here every so often when I get a chance. I’m a little behind on designs, so I’m hoping I will be able to use at least a few in the range, as I need to have my finished designs by the end of this month.

Yesterday we went to Bristol, to a friends wedding party, they got married in Australia (and live there) so was amazing to see her, meet her new husband, and see some old friends from university.


And I’m sure you’ll be please to know I have more or less planted everything that I can at the allotment, just need to dig up the weeds now!  That’s my allotment neighbour’s dog, Spike, in the photo.

Hope you have a happy week and I’ll be back soon with the sketch challenge!


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