August 2014: Dog fairs and bespoke screen-printing.

Hi Everyone,

How are you?  Today’s post is pretty quick as I haven’t been very well this week (oh poor me).

This Saturday Beetroot Press will be selling at a local fair in Broadway, Cotswolds.

Dogs trust poster

I’ll be selling some of the new illustrations and as it’s in aid of the Dogs trust, I’ll be looking forward to meeting some cute doggies at the fair.  The event will be held at the Lifford Hall.  Also hoping to add a couple of new dog illustrations as friends for the dalmatian I did in the Sketch Challenge….any ideas welcome!

fox by Beetroot Press

I’ve hand-printed and sewn 3 more ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fox cushions in a bespoke russet colour for a local customer.  The photo is of the ‘almost black’ Navy, and the new ones are looking lovely in their rich rusty tone, I’ll add some photos soon.

fill your house for free

I’m trying to be more organised, and to help that happen, this week, I’ve been getting rid of some of my hordes in the house to give to charity.  Also, I’m trying to find some free cupboards to up-cycle, which, I think I have found some after asking around… This idea came after being newly inspired by Kirstie’s new season of ‘Fill your house for free’ TV program!  It is truly AMAZING what you can get for free and make to go into your home.

That’s it for this week, I hope to continue adding new items to the shop and take any remaining photos I need of the autumn/winter range.  I also need to start making more Christmas stock if I want to be more organised than last year…

Have a great week everyone!



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