Festive Folksy picks by Hannah Bullivant

I spotted this one a bit late in the day, but was very excited that Seeds and Stitches blogger, Hannah Bullivant, picked my ‘Genevieve’ hand-printed organic lavender pillows for her Folksy wish list…. (the little girl snoozing with cloud reverse).

For those of you that don’t know, I sell my wares on Folksy, (and Etsy too).  Folksy being the UK version – Have a peek here at the shop if you haven’t stopped by yet.

Hannah Bullivant folksy seeds and stitiches wish list

See Hannah and Davina Drummond’s blog, Seeds and Stitches, here, and the post about these lovely festive picks (also posted below).

Hannah bullivant_seeds and stitches

Take a peek on Hannah’s Folksy Pinterest board, there’s a lot more on there to ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ over (plus a few more Beetroot Press bits and bobs)!

And finally, here’s the second part of the Folksy post below, picked by Lou Archell, blogger for ‘Little Green Shed,’ as they are such lovely finds and well worth a share.

2nd part folksy post Little Green shed

Click here for the link to Lou’s Little Green Shed blog.

Happy reading!


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