Watercolour and fine-line little British birds. Originals on sale tonight.

Today is the day these little birds are potentially flying the nest!

British bird illustrations by Sarah Papworth Beetroot Press

It’s been so nice to draw a series of paintings all together.  Quite often I may do one drawing, then another a few months later.  But these birdies were all created within about 2 weeks.

Each bird is created in mixed media; watercolour and fine-line pen for extra detailing.  And painted onto Windsor and Newton Artists Paper, 300gsm.  Paper size: A5 (6 x 8 inches), landscape.

I tried to paint them to their real-life scale, apart from the blackbird, who I had to shrink down to fit on the A5 page.  Each print is also numbered as part of the series of 8, named and signed.

The whole gang includes; Great-tit, Robin, Bullfinch, Blue-tit, Chaffinch, Coal-tit, Blackbird and a Tiny Goldcrest.  All British garden birds (yay).  Have a look below for a bit more info on each painting.

Great Tit illustration by Sarah Papworth

Great-tit.  Number 8/8.  Beak to tail tip 5.5 inches:  I really love the colours and contrast in this little chap.  As he was the last one I painted, I found I perhaps enjoyed painting him the most.

Robin illustration by Sarah Papworth

Robin,  Number 1/8. Beak to tail tip 5.2 inches:  This was the first painting, I knew I would be painting a robin as they are one of my favourite birds.  I often see them at the allotment waiting for worms to be dug up!

Bullfinch illustration by Sarah Papworth

Bullfinch.  Number 7/8.  Beak to tail tip: 6 inches.  I love the painterly texture of the watercolours on his tummy and the combination of the soft grey with the pale orange and contrasting black.  A chilled-out happy chap.

Blue Tit illustration by Sarah Papworth

Blue-tit.  Number 2/8.  Beak to tail tip: 4.5 inches.  I also knew I would be painting a Blue-tit, another one of my favourites, these bright tiny little birds nested in our small patio a year or so ago.

Chaffinch illustration by Sarah Papworth

Chaffinch.  Number 6/8.  Beak to tail tip: 5.5 inches.  This is a very happy birdie, I love his wing pattern and blue cap and lovely happy expression.

Coal Tit illustration by Sarah Papworth

Coal-tit.  Number 3/8.  Beak to tail tip: 4.2 inches.  I love that this Coal-tit is in a different position to the others, having a closer look at what’s going on.  I also like the amount of detail on his back and wings and his softer neutral tones.

Blackbird illustration by Sarah Papworth

Blackbird.  Number 5/8.  Beak to tail tip: 6 inches (not his correct real-life birdiness size).  I really love this fella, I would keep them all to pin up around the house, but this one I will really miss – which surprises me because he’s the least colourful!  He’s just got a lovely rounded shape.

Tiny Goldcrest illustration by Sarah Papworth

Tiny Goldfinch.  Number 4/8.  Beak to tail tip: 3.6 inches.  This really is the tinyest of the gang.  I wasn’t 100% sure about him to start with but now he’s really grown on me and is one of my favorites (perhaps they are all my favs)!  I love his shape – if you haven’t seen one of these before, look up a Tiny Goldcrest and be amazed by their tiny roundness.

These original paintings will be on sale tonight on my Beetroot Press Folksy shop.  They are all on there waiting to be released at 7pm GMT this evening (Sunday 1st November 2015).  (NB: for those international viewers, remember our British clocks went back last week).

It will be a first come first serve basis.  I’m hoping it will go smoothly, but as I haven’t done this before, (please be patient with me if they don’t come up right away).  I would imagine you might need to refresh the page a few times after 7pm to ensure they all show up.

You will need a PayPal account to purchase goods on Folksy.

POSTAGE: Please note that if you are local and want to collect in person, then I will refund the postage costs.  I have made a note on the shop listings that I will post these via ‘Signed for’ First Class Royal mail, so ensure the address you add is one where someone can sign for it.

POSTAGE British bird illustrations by Sarah Papworth Beetroot Press

Also, I have added a Special delivery listing (image will be as above), where you can ‘top-up’ your delivery option so you can ensure a safe journey.  I highly recommend this because if the painting does get lost in the post, there won’t be another to replace it due to them being the original paintings (only one of each)!

(Please also note these are non-refundable paintings).

I hope you enjoy the sale, and get a bird you hoped for 🙂

Kind wishes, Sarah


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