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Original British bird paintings

Hello everyone,

It’s almost time you can bag yourself some original birdie art to hang in your home (or give as a Christmas pressie).

The 8, mixed media watercolour and pen, bird paintings will be posted and ready to go on Sunday 1st November 2015, at 7pm GMT in my Folksy shop.  Here’s the link:  Beetroot Press Folksy shop.

As this is my first time selling my actual paintings, I’m going to sell them for £25.00!  (wow I hear you say)



I’ve scanned the paintings in, so will be adding them all on here later on so you can have a good look before they are added to the online Folksy shop on Sunday.


Birdie drawing update

Hello, I hope you’re all having a great weekend?

I’m just popping in to say; I haven’t finished all the bird paintings yet, so the date for them going into the shop will probably be 2 weeks from now.  Im doing a little poster with the dates and times on and will share on here soon  🙂

Bird paintings for sale by Sarah Papworth Beetroot Press copy

Remember if you’d like to see daily updates, pop over to Instagram where I put a new picture on more or less everyday of the birdies I’m drawing, and what I generally get up to.  The snapshot above is of my Instagram feed. Here’s the link to my page:  Beetroot Press Instagram.