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I’ve been drawing a lot more recently, I’m trying to just get into the practise of drawing a little bit everyday – and I’ve been really enjoying it.  Most are smaller sketches, or perhaps drawings to go towards a print/illustration.  Practise makes perfect!

IMG_2248I love to draw with just a fine line pen, but also love the ease of watercolour.  Ive been wondering if I should try branching out a bit and use some new materials.


This one is a lot looser, and I like working in this style as it’s a bit more unpredictable.  But I tend to go back to my more careful, tighter way of drawing most of the time.  It would be good to find a happy in-between level!


This one above was created for a friends wedding, I drew the little icons to go on their wedding time line.


I bought some brush pens the other week, and have fallen in love!  I have already run out of the grey, so will need to re-order.  So easy to use and a perfect in-betweener for using a pen and a paintbrush!  I really like how this sketch turned out with the brush pens.


This one I painted with watercolours, scanned in and adapted slightly on Illustrator.  I like it as is, but feel I need to add something to it, and am just deciding what that is!

So that’s the end of the drawing update for now.  Hope you’ve enjoyed!

See you next time,  Sarah x