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Little bird warm-up sketches

Hello again!  I’ve started doing warm up sketches of little British birdies.  Im planning at the moment to do 8 drawings to sell the originals on Folksy before Christmas.  I’m really excited about this as I haven’t sold the originals before.  I just hope they actually sell!

The sketches are to help me decide what sort of style I want to do them all in.  I’ll post a few more once completed, Im doing one a day at the moment and posting on Instagram.  Please let me know which ones you like or aren’t so keen on, plus if you have any favourite little birds you’d like to see.  It all helps with final decision making!

Coal tit illustration by Sarah Papworth

This was my first sketch, a Coal Tit, I used watercolour for the colours, then a bit of acrylic white for the highlights, then fine line pen on top.  I do really like him but am wondering if he’s a bit too traditional for my liking? – maybe I should go more stylised…

Tiny goldcrest illustration by Sarah Papworth

This chap is a Tiny Goldcrest, as you can see from my scribbly notes he is also created in watercolour, fine line pen then white acrylic on top.  I went a bit more scribbly on him, again Im not sure, but I do like his character/facial expression.

Bullfinch illustration Sarah Papworth

This grumpy chap is a Bullfinch, I drew him with brush pens (if you haven’t used brush pens, you must – they are so fun).  Then I added the white acrylic on top for detail.  I actually preferred him without the acrylic, he was a bit more graphic looking and simple – but he needs to cheer up a bit!

Robin sketch illustration by Sarah Papworth

We have a little robin that has been tapping at our window for a 2 days now (which is getting slightly annoying on this, the 3rd day), I think he wants to be included, so here he is ;).  I like the simplicity of him, I used a brush pen for the red breast and a black fine liner for the sketchy drawing.  I like the leaves added, perhaps I’ll use leaves in all of them…hmmm, decisions decisions.

When I’ve created the final drawings, I’ll upload them all at the same time to Folksy and go live with the shop, so it will be a first come first serve basis. I’ll let you know in plenty of time when that will be.

I’m usually a bit slower at updating the blog, so find the most recent updates on Instagram, also on Facebook and hashtag #bpbirdies.  But I promise to let you know when they are uploaded to Folksy 🙂


Cheltenham Christmas fair

Hi everyone, these photos are from the Christmas fair we did at the Cheltenham town hall in November.  To be honest, it was a little out of the way from the main town centre, plus it was absolutely tipping it down with rain, so we didn’t get lots of people popping in to see, but we still did well, and was worth doing.  We met a few of the other stall holders and the mulled wine went down well!

wooden signs

New hand painted sign

handmade gift tags

Lots of new goodies to see!

wall art for nursery

I made some christmas cards from recycled card and printed on with lino cut out designs. New wall art was on sale too.

handmade brooches

Handmade brooches using recycled materials and with a vintage button in the middle.

hand painted signs

I love my new signs, and the bunting I made for the jubilee came in handy for the display too.

craft fairs in west midlands

Our little stall at the Cheltenham town hall.

Meet Owl and Squirrel

Hello there, still getting the hang of the new blog!  I’m aiming to post once a week on here now, but please bear with me (still) as I set up the different features and work out how to use other bits.  If anyone can help, I’m trying to set a static Welcome page, and am following instructions, but doesn’t seem to work.

Anyway, I thought I’d share these sketches I did of Mr Owl and Squirrel for Beetroot Press’ new line – Prints!  These are just the starting sketches here, I scanned them into my Mac and made a few alterations.  Have a look on our Beetroot Press facebook page’s photos to see the final prints.  I’ll be able to make them personalised too, so if you want one with your kiddies name on that will soon be possible.  Plus, I’ll be adding another friend or two to the group.  Very exciting!

owl sketch squirrel sketch