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Featured in LandScape magazine

Hello friends,

I hope you are all well today?  I’m really feeling the joys of spring today, I’ve been on the allotment this morning, digging weeds up and planning out where I might plant different veggies and flowers (pure bliss).

Landscape magazine Beetroot Press Sarah Papworth low res

I also got a feature in the Spring issue of LandScape magazine!  Very exciting to see indeed, so I thought I’d share here. It’s the Garden Birds tea-towel in turquoise in my Beetroot Press range I sell on Etsy and Folksy.

Landscape magazine spring 2016 Sarah Papworth Beetroot Press


I’m thinking of printing some more soon in a new colour way…hmmm what to choose, I might post on the Facebook page to see which colours everyone would prefer.  Here’s the link if you’re not already following me on there: Beetroot press FB page.

Flower seeds beetroot Press blog

I’m now off to choose some seeds to buy – yay!  Have a great week everyone.


Original British bird paintings

Hello everyone,

It’s almost time you can bag yourself some original birdie art to hang in your home (or give as a Christmas pressie).

The 8, mixed media watercolour and pen, bird paintings will be posted and ready to go on Sunday 1st November 2015, at 7pm GMT in my Folksy shop.  Here’s the link:  Beetroot Press Folksy shop.

As this is my first time selling my actual paintings, I’m going to sell them for £25.00!  (wow I hear you say)



I’ve scanned the paintings in, so will be adding them all on here later on so you can have a good look before they are added to the online Folksy shop on Sunday.

Little bird warm-up sketches

Hello again!  I’ve started doing warm up sketches of little British birdies.  Im planning at the moment to do 8 drawings to sell the originals on Folksy before Christmas.  I’m really excited about this as I haven’t sold the originals before.  I just hope they actually sell!

The sketches are to help me decide what sort of style I want to do them all in.  I’ll post a few more once completed, Im doing one a day at the moment and posting on Instagram.  Please let me know which ones you like or aren’t so keen on, plus if you have any favourite little birds you’d like to see.  It all helps with final decision making!

Coal tit illustration by Sarah Papworth

This was my first sketch, a Coal Tit, I used watercolour for the colours, then a bit of acrylic white for the highlights, then fine line pen on top.  I do really like him but am wondering if he’s a bit too traditional for my liking? – maybe I should go more stylised…

Tiny goldcrest illustration by Sarah Papworth

This chap is a Tiny Goldcrest, as you can see from my scribbly notes he is also created in watercolour, fine line pen then white acrylic on top.  I went a bit more scribbly on him, again Im not sure, but I do like his character/facial expression.

Bullfinch illustration Sarah Papworth

This grumpy chap is a Bullfinch, I drew him with brush pens (if you haven’t used brush pens, you must – they are so fun).  Then I added the white acrylic on top for detail.  I actually preferred him without the acrylic, he was a bit more graphic looking and simple – but he needs to cheer up a bit!

Robin sketch illustration by Sarah Papworth

We have a little robin that has been tapping at our window for a 2 days now (which is getting slightly annoying on this, the 3rd day), I think he wants to be included, so here he is ;).  I like the simplicity of him, I used a brush pen for the red breast and a black fine liner for the sketchy drawing.  I like the leaves added, perhaps I’ll use leaves in all of them…hmmm, decisions decisions.

When I’ve created the final drawings, I’ll upload them all at the same time to Folksy and go live with the shop, so it will be a first come first serve basis. I’ll let you know in plenty of time when that will be.

I’m usually a bit slower at updating the blog, so find the most recent updates on Instagram, also on Facebook and hashtag #bpbirdies.  But I promise to let you know when they are uploaded to Folksy 🙂


I’ve been drawing a lot more recently, I’m trying to just get into the practise of drawing a little bit everyday – and I’ve been really enjoying it.  Most are smaller sketches, or perhaps drawings to go towards a print/illustration.  Practise makes perfect!

IMG_2248I love to draw with just a fine line pen, but also love the ease of watercolour.  Ive been wondering if I should try branching out a bit and use some new materials.


This one is a lot looser, and I like working in this style as it’s a bit more unpredictable.  But I tend to go back to my more careful, tighter way of drawing most of the time.  It would be good to find a happy in-between level!


This one above was created for a friends wedding, I drew the little icons to go on their wedding time line.


I bought some brush pens the other week, and have fallen in love!  I have already run out of the grey, so will need to re-order.  So easy to use and a perfect in-betweener for using a pen and a paintbrush!  I really like how this sketch turned out with the brush pens.


This one I painted with watercolours, scanned in and adapted slightly on Illustrator.  I like it as is, but feel I need to add something to it, and am just deciding what that is!

So that’s the end of the drawing update for now.  Hope you’ve enjoyed!

See you next time,  Sarah x

Country Homes and Interiors June Issue 2015

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet….I was so excited to get my work in Country Homes and Interiors magazine this June ’15 issue.  And not only a few bits inside, but one peeking in on the front cover no less!

Front cover_flower market cushion by Beetroot Press

On the June front cover, my Columbia Road Flower Market hand-printed cushion on white linen.

Vintage Vibe feature_Flower Market napkin by Beetroot Press on Etsy

In the ‘Vintage Vibe’ feature – Columbia Road Flower Market napkin on the left.

Vintage vibe feature_Robin greeting card by Beetroot Press on Etsy

This one is a bit harder to spot in this gorgeous photo – The emerald green Robin card under the ball of string on the left.

Vintage vibe feature_Garden birds tea towel as blind by Beeetroot Press

As part of the blind in the background – Garden Birds organic cotton tea-towel in red on the right of the window.

Vintage Vibe feature_Flower Market cushion by Beetroot Press on Etsy

And the cushion shot again which was used on the front cover!

The well crafted kitchen feature_Bees and butterflies tea towel by Beetroot Press on Etsy

This was part of a new feature called ‘The crafted kitchen’  – Bees and butterflies organic cotton tea-towel peeping in behind the draw.

The well crafted kitchen feature_x3 blue tea towels by Beetroot Press on Etsy

Top left photo of my three organic cotton tea-towels; Bees and butterflies, Garden Birds in turquoise and Blackberry Jam designs.

Country homes and interiors feature_x3 blue tea towels by Beetroot Press on Etsy

And here’s a close up of the one above.

All these equal a very chuffed lady (that’s me)!  Thanks for reading 🙂

July goings on

Hello lovelies,

This week has been good, I’ve managed to adapt all of the photos taken so far on Photoshop. Unfortunately because I left the next photo session too late, it had started raining (note to self – plan my week around the weather)!  So I will be taking some today and hopefully next week too.  It takes time, but once I get into it, I really enjoy taking them.  I’ve added a few sneak peeks below.

fashionable baby gifts by Beetroot Presshedgehog illustration nursery baby gift by Beetroot Pressorange prints british garden birds modern wall art by Beetroot Press

I have also been doing a lot of reading up on marketing, I will confess, I still have much to learn here and so I have made use of a slightly quieter week by reading in-between doing some freelance work.

Sketch by Beetroot Press

Sketch challenge:  I have set myself a challenge!  From tomorrow onwards (7th July) I will be creating an illustration each day for the next 14 days.  I have no idea how this will work as the designs can usually take a while to complete, even the ones that look quite simple.  I normally like to do a bit of sketching, then take a break and come back with fresh eyes and re-work it, then take another break…and so it goes…..  I’ll be posting my sketches on the Beetroot Press Facebook page every day, so pop over to say hi and tell me which ones you like.  Im sure there will be some I don’t like, but I will promise to post them all, and I’ll add them on here every so often when I get a chance. I’m a little behind on designs, so I’m hoping I will be able to use at least a few in the range, as I need to have my finished designs by the end of this month.

Yesterday we went to Bristol, to a friends wedding party, they got married in Australia (and live there) so was amazing to see her, meet her new husband, and see some old friends from university.


And I’m sure you’ll be please to know I have more or less planted everything that I can at the allotment, just need to dig up the weeds now!  That’s my allotment neighbour’s dog, Spike, in the photo.

Hope you have a happy week and I’ll be back soon with the sketch challenge!

Shop Talk: On the Folksy blog

Hello everyone, Below is another interview feature on the Folksy blog.  Folksy is one of the online shops Beetroot Press sells on so I was very excited to be featured.  I’m answering questions about goals, pricing, media.  Here’s the link to the Folksy blog and article….

British designer makers reports and articles

British crafters Screen printing media coverage

British crafters articles

And here’s the link to the shop:  Beetroot Press Folksy shop.

Folksy | Meet the Maker

Hello everyone!  As you probably know I sell on Folksy, the modern British craft site  and the nice people at Folksy were kind enough to feature me on their blog in their ‘Meet the Maker’ feature!  They interview me on my inspirations, working day and studio space.  To see the whole interview have a peek at the link here: Meet the Maker…Sarah Papworth from Beetroot Press.
Meet the maker Folksy


Brown paper packages tied up with string.

christmas interiors Beetroot Press

Decorate your home in fabulous style this Christmas.  Festive decorating doesn’t need to be expensive, think about what you have in your home already and how you can make use of it, and is there a need for a massive tree?  A small tree is very cute stacked on a chair or table, or using tree branches can be just as pretty.  Lacking space?  Buy a Christmas tree poster to hang, or make a tree shape out of old wooden palettes for an effective and creative tree.

Sometimes adding candles to tea-cups and trays, layering on blankets, and incorporating red highlights can make a room feel cosy, warm and inviting; giving it a more Christmassy feel.  Or go one better and get making the decorations for your home, giving a homespun look, simple and stylish.

I don’t know about you but I’m already thinking about my packaging (yes before I have bought or made any gifts)!  So here’s some shared inspiration on fun ways to create amazing parcels to give to your loved ones.

christmas wrap Beetroot Press

IDEAS:  1. Use brown paper as a base to print your own designs on with a bought stamp, or create your own from lino, or even a simple potato print!  Add glitter/sequins with glue for a more glitzy simple look.  2. How about using newspaper to wrap with for a black and white look, old book pages, or magazine tears can look good too and gives a bit of colour.  3. Do you have lots of small bits of wrap left from previous years?  Why not use them this year to make patchwork wrap or decorate the top of your parcel – glue to card and cut out festive shapes, hole punch to attach with twine – et voila!  4. Use layering of tags and cut out shapes along with paper strips, ribbon and string to wrap around the parcel all together.  5. Use inexpensive wooden clothes pegs to hold all the bits together and add a design feature.  6. Add; pom poms, felt shapes, string, bakers twine, lace ribbon, doilies, real foliage, washi tape (patterned Sellotape) for interesting ways to decorate your gifts. 7. Any good at drawing?  Sketch straight onto the paper, I love the chalk board look in the above images.  8.  Can the tag or decoration be a gift in itself?  Add a vintage bauble or heart tag made from wood, mouldable clay or slate with the persons name printed onto,  or create tags that are little pieces of art in themselves; something to keep and hang all year round. 9. Glitter – basically add glitter to anything and everything – PURE joy!

crafters handmade gifts wrapped Beetroot Press

Beetroot Press wrapping:  When you buy from BP for 2 or more people I will happily wrap them separately, saving you the trouble.  Sending gifts to loved ones you won’t see over Christmas?  For a little more penny wise I can add a hand-printed tag and why not buy a Christmas card too and I’ll write your chosen message, saving on postage costs by sending direct to friends and family.

Card with Joy text Beetroot Press artist christmas card Beetroot Press


More fab Christmas ideas to follow on the blog, or if you can’t wait, there are lots of inspirational goodies on the Beetroot Press Pinterest Christmas decorating board.

Update on fairs so far

Hello!  I want to update the blog with a few images of past fairs.  These photos are from the summertime in the village where we live, Honeybourne in the West midlands.  You can also get an update on the Beetroot Press facebook page on what’s been happening so far!